Purchase a Painting

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There are several ways to make a purchase:

First, contact me about the painting:  lchollett@verizon.net

Some paintings are in galleries or exhibitions, and your purchase would be made through them.  Our email conversation will determine that.

If the painting is in my possession, you may:

1) Pay using Square Point of Sale, Venmo, or PayPal. Item will need to packaged to get a quote for shipping; this may take a day or two. 


2) If you are within a reasonable driving range, I can deliver the painting, or it can be picked up at a gallery.


3) I will contact you about shipping cost. Price depends on size of package (there is a lot of protection), weight, and distance to be shipped.


If the painting is in a gallery, you may:

You will contact the gallery to make the purchase and arrange for pick-up or shipping. If it is in an exhibition, the work can be purchased but will not be delivered/mailed until after the show has ended.

Buyer pays for shipping