Painting in Italy

There were so many PEOPLE in Venice (it really cramped my style). I did take an afternoon to paint this view of the canal from the hotel Ca' d'Oro. This is where boats could land to drop off and pick up hotel visitors.  Very convenient!

Great view, a nice cup of capuccino from the hotel—what could be better. I still didn' finish, but the coffee was good, and I met some very nice people arriving and leaving (I had to move my tripod and easel over several times).  

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How Not to Fall into a Canal

(Aug 17, 2016)

Painting the garden at Basilica Santa Maria Novella in Forence. The sun came and went, and I had to stop before I could finish. Begun with a brush, not my usual knife. Oil on linen sheet. 

Painting from the hotel landing in Venice. Another day with lots of clouds, some sun. I had to stop before I could finish. Begun with a brush, not my usual knife. Oil on linen sheet. I had learned my lesson, and did NOT get too close to the water (see blog above).

Demonstrating plein air painting—

I was painting just beyond the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome, looking towards the Villa Borghese Gardens and this incredible bank of bougainvillea. Painted en plein air August 31, 2013. Two days later I would leave to paint in Tunisia.  


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Via Sistina,  8x8, oil on linen SOLD

Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, La Spezia,  10x8,

oil on canvas $450


Painted en plein air outside my hotel in La Spezia. I had the day all to myself!

Tuscan Countryside, October 3,  24x30,

oil on canvas $1850


Based on a photo taken from the bus on the way from Florence to La Spezia. A beautiful Fall day!

Venice, Waiting for the Rain, 24x30,

oil on canvas   SOLD


Such an iconic view, but one seen by all who visit St. Mark's Square! View of Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance.

Magra River on the Way to Lucca,  24x30,

oil on canvas $1850


Leaving La Spezia to visit Lucca, we crossed the Magra River on an overcast, rainy day.

Twilight Skyline from the Spanish Steps, Rome  9x12,

oil on canvas $500


In Rome, my hotel was very close to the Spanish Steps; what a pleasure to watch the sunset in the evenings!

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome,  8x8,

oil on linen $375


Painted en plein air in the gardens on my last day in Rome. I was in such a rush I even painted with a brush instead of my usual knife!

Painting in Italy