on Aluminum—Quiet Waters (Brenda)

This was Brenda painting again with her right hand (with a little help from her left), Dec 13, about two weeks after her surgery. She had taught herself to write and paint with her left hand before the surgery. The surgery on her right hand was for trigger thumb and arthritis in the thumb joint, as well as a small cyst on her middle finger.  Contrary to one article, she was regaining full use of her hand. 


While she was painting 'Quiet Waters', I was painting 'Sound Side Reflections'. 

  Some images from Brenda's last show, "On the Edge", at For Art's Sake Gallery. 

Dedication to Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley


My sketch of her back yard
Quiet Falls
Brenda's sketch of her back yard
Top of the Falls

Brenda and I travelled to Lexington to paint, and one of the areas we explored and painted en plein air was Falling Spring Falls on Rt 220, north of Covington. At the top of the falls you can walk through the woods, and Brenda loved the small falls ('Quiet Falls') leading to the pool of the top. On 'Top of the Falls', I went so close to the edge, Brenda thought she was going to have to pull me back. 

on Aluminum—Sound Side Reflections (me)

On December 26 Brenda and I both did sketches from her dining room window of the trees flanking the creek that runs through her backyard. This is a scene I had admired many times, and Brenda always said she loved that view. We discussed painting it, but really didn't have the time. She talked about how the lighting changed constantly throughout the day, and how beautiful it was when it snowed. 


Two days after Brenda died we got a really nice snowfall. Using the sketch, photos I took at the time, and my experience of painting the snow around MY neighborhood, I painted this snow scene a few days later of her backyard, as I imagined it must have looked after a snow.


Snow on Goldmine Creek (Brenda's Backyard) painted on January 9, 2017. Giclèe prints available. Archival ink on heavy acid-free paper, matted, $85. 

Image is 12x12", matted to 18x18", white mat.   $85

Article (contrary to the article, she had not "lost the use of her right hand")
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• my painting/prints of "Snow on Goldmine Creek"

In the early morning hours of January 5, 2017, Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley passed away in her sleep. Brenda was recovering nicely from her recent hand surgery (to correct trigger thumb and an arthritic joint), and was getting ready to go back to work. She had JUST turned 70. We painted and planned a lot together, and much I do this year will be based on plans she and I had made or discussed. She was the most non-judgemental person I know. 

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Giclée prints of the painting 

Snow on Goldmine Creek

are now available

12x12", matted to 18x18"