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    Does an Artist Need a Website?

    detail of Chesapeake Bay off of Gwynn's Island, 2nd painting

    I'm ready to take the next step as an artist….



    The short answer is, yes. 

    The longer answer is, yes, you do. 

    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, are ALL not enough. They are helpful, and convenient, but not enough. Let me tell you why:

    Everyone can get on the internet, and, once on, has the ability to access your website. 

    Everyone can get on the internet, but not everyone can get on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Pinterest. To see postings on Facebook, you have to have a Fb account, and not everyone wants to have an account on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Pinterest. 

    So, to be as accessible as possible, you need a website. 

    Won’t your photos on your phone do? No. No, they will not.

    Because your folders are never up-to-date, have no descriptions, and who wants to wait as you scroll through a million photos of your last vacation. Really. 

    A person in New York, NY cannot look at your phone in Durham, NC.

    On your website you can organize all the information visitors and potential clients need in an easy-to-find format, with descriptions and prices. They do not need to endlessly scroll down weeding through puppy videos, or wading through comments. 

    Finally, on Facebook there are all kinds of distractions (ads, ‘likes’, groups) that could distract potential clients, or even TAKE THEM AWAY from your page. 

    I’ll let that sink in, while you consider how this is a very efficient way to control how your potential clients see you and your work.

    Maybe even better than a gallery. 


    Next blog: 

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