My Studio Move

the final layout... as the furniture sits, now.

My temporary studio on Goddin Street after I got comfortable!

My studio on Artisan Hill (Fulton Elementary School) -- almost ready, February 2020!

My studio on Artisan Hill (Fulton Elementary School)-- the kitchentte, aka, built in art storage units!

And NOW...


From the hill to the bottom and back up the hill!

I've had a terrific view of the sunset, and no stairs!

My old studio in the school, about May 2017. We moved out in December, 2017.

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UPDATE: 'Moved in', but still moving in...

My temporary studio on Goddin Street after I got moved in! (January 2018)

Moving to the Future...

The school building has almost been finished, with new apartments and studios. The artists were relocated while this was happening, and now we're getting ready to move back in! 

Renovations at Fulton Hill Studios


Two years ago renovations on the former Robert Fulton Elementary School began, and my studio was relocated nearby.

Construction began for two new apartment buildings that are beside the school, and the soccer field has been relocated below the school. The school building itself has undergone extensive renovations for art studios and apartments, as well as many other amenities. 

I have loved being in my studio on Goddin Street (see below), and now I am looking forward to seeing what new and exciting changes lay ahead!

The historic 100-year-old school was built in 1916, and opened in January, 1917.

"Houston, we have a plan": February 26, 2020!

I have started to pack boxes of items I will not need right now, so I can be packed and still paint! Soon furniture will be labeled so it goes back into my NEW studio, as we move back to a renovated building that will last for another 100 years!

What a great opportunity to clean out, throw out, and re-evaluate what is important...Again!