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There will also be FREE talk on

Friday, July 15,   5:00-6:30pm

at the Rappahannock Art League


"The Trials and Tribulations of Plein Air Painting"

...not trying to scare you away, but...


Equipment set up will also be discussed (See below)

"The Trials and Tribulations of Plein Air Painting"

 Friday, July 15, 2022
5:00 - 6:30 pm


Rappahannock Art League

19 North Main Street Kilmarnock, VA  22482

—Oh the joys and despairs of paintng en plein air!

Gorgeous weather, birds singing, flowers blooming, gentle breeze wafting through the trees... 

Also buzzing instects, rain, wind, equipment failure, chatty visitors.

These are all part of the plein air experience. But you don't HAVE to suffer for your art (and I'll show you how)! 

I will discuss some of the stories of experiences I have had, tips and reasons why this something all landscape artists should at least try. I will show my equipment setup, and answer any and all questions. 

If you can't make the class, you can still enjoy the stories and harrowing experiences that go along with plein air painting. If you CAN make the class, I will be showing my set up and discussing how I decide what to paint!



Zoom meeting on Thursday, Dec 1, 2022 at 7pm on using Crossroads Art Center's new Call-For-Entry protocol on ArtCall.org.  It will be casual, no video of participants, BYOD (I will have coffee, you may want something more 'relaxing'...

This link takes you directly to the meeting--no sign-up. You do need a Zoom account.

IF your account has not been updated recently, it will prompt you to do that first, or you may need to sign in.

You may need to click "Launch Meeting" and "Allow" several times...



I will open the meeting by 6:45, so you get can in early. We begin at 7.

Jeannie Wermuth will monitor comments and questions.

Crossroad's next CFE is Dec 1-19, 2022 for the both the January/February All-Media Show and Black History Month.

How to Use ArtCall.org for

Crossroads Art Center's 

Call For Entries

Introduction to Plein Air Painting

One-Day Plein Air Class 
Belle Isle State Park, VA  
July 16, 2022

9am - 3 pm